SMART Tutor Private Lesson
Work with one of our experienced trainers on any of the dozens of behavioral and/or training challenges that our dogs present on a daily basis. This is your time to fix problem behaviors and develop new acceptable ones. Our trainers will not only show you how your dog’s behaviors can transform in front of your eyes, but more importantly how you can get the same results in your day to day life.
$99 · 1 hr
Smart Training & Behavioral Consultation
If you’re having problems with your pooch, or simply want to develop a private training protocol for your dog’s next step in their competition career, the experienced trainers at SDS can help. This Q & A type format can be very helpful and informative to lots of individuals struggling with everyday training and behavioral challenges.
$149 · 1 hr, 30 min
Smart Way Unleashed
This 2 week intensive residency program, hosted at the SDS Training Center, is the pinnacle of S.MA.R.T. Dog Training. Graduates will have the ability to be Off-Leash with a reliable handler after only 2 weeks. Every behavior has the ability to be weakened or strengthen by Reinforcement and Punishment. This is definitely our clients first choice and the most popular program amidst heavy choices. Also included is Lifetime access to our Smart Way Unlimited Group Classes!!
$1,999 · 2 weeks
Smart Way Rehabilitation
This program provides real world solutions for dogs the bite, lunge, resource guard, attack other dogs & separation anxiety. This is behavioral modification at its finest. Dogs that graduate from this program will be totally changed for life. This program also includes LIFETIME Access to our exclusive Smart Way UNLIMITED Group Classes.
$3,999 · 5 weeks
Smart Way Group Class
$500 · due every 6 months
SMART Way Behavior Modification
Our Behavior Modification Program was designed specifically for those dogs that have developed some very tough behaviors to counter condition and require the necessary time to reset the driving force behind those behaviors without undue stress. This includes dogs that suffer from minor human or dog aggression and is the minimum duration for this treatment prior to being recommend for a full 5 week rehabilitation. Also included is LIFETIME Access to our exclusive Smart Way UNLIMITED Group Class
$2,999 · 3 weeks
Smart Way Foundation
This program is geared at establishing a solid foundation of obedience through the application of rules, structure and overall accountability. Graduates of this program are ready to move into a more advanced Off-Leash environment so that they begin to experiment the total value of inclusion in the lives of their human counterparts. Also included is 6 months of FREE access to our exclusive Smart Way UNLIMITED Group Classes. (A $500 Value!)
$999 · 1 week
Smart Day School (1 Day)
One day of Smart Day School
6am-6pm Monday-Friday
$45 · 1 hr
Smart at Home Tutor
Private Lesson at your Home
$149 · 1 hr