Tarot Reading (via Zoom)
Focusing on tools to activate healing and expansion, this service uses tarot cards and guided breath work to answer specific questions and identify immediate blocks with joy and authenticity. For streamlining purposes, session only confirmed upon payment; Venmo handle is lisa-rosman. Zoom link sent right before! 💛
$50 · 30 min
Intuitive Reading (via Zoom)
Using astrology, tarot, and information intuited beforehand about your past, present, and future, this comprehensive reading identifies optimal paths, releases long-held blocks, and heightens intuition and joy. Ideal for birthdays, significant turning points, and deep-digging, the focus is on tools of healing, service, and expansion. Birth data and $200 Venmo donation (handle is lisa-rosman) required to confirm appointment so I can tune in immediately. Zoom link sent right beforehand! ❤️
$200 · 1 hr, 15 min
Dream Interpretation Session Via Zoom
Have a dream you want to better understand? Using tarot, breath work, and information I receive by tuning in beforehand, we’ll decode its messages about your past, past, and future, relationships, guides, and healing and expansion. We’ll also create questions to be answered in dreams to come. For streamlining purposes, session only confirmed upon receipt of dream (email to: and Venmo payment; handle is lisa-rosman. Zoom link sent right before! 💜
$75 · 40 min
Dream Medicine (3 Sessions via Zoom)
Buying a package of 3 dream interpretation sessions lets your highest self know you’re receptive and ready for its dream downloads. This clears space for a path and theme to emerge, deepens healing over time, and develops your own intuition and decoding abilities. See above for dream interpretation session description. For streamlining purposes, session 1 only confirmed upon receipt of full Venmo payment of $200; handle is lisa-rosman. All 3 sessions must be scheduled within 4 months. 💜🔮
$200 · TBD