Initial Consultation
Free Consultation and Evaluation to determine the best training package for both you and your dog.
Individual Services
We offer a variety of different services. Here you can find all of our services and book individually.
Obedience Packages
Three different obedience packages to choose from. Which packages is right for you will depend on your goals for training. Basic obedience is to learn the fundamentals and get you and your dog communicating on the same page, Standard obedience is the same as basic along with the fundamentals of off-leash obedience, and Advanced obedience is to have your dog be completely reliable off-leash and trusted at liberty.
Socialization Packages
We describe socialization as a psychological vaccination. It’s absolutely necessary for your dog’s health and well-being. Socialization is a preventative against anxiety, insecurity, and aggression.

Preventing these problems can save your dog’s life much like a vaccination.

Our two socialization packages are for socializing your dog with people, places, other dogs, loud noises, and unique situations.