Facial Services
Makeup Services. Please read the description of each service before booking. If you need travel services for makeup it is an extra $15. Add “Travel Fee” to your Appointment and put the address in the notes section at the end of booking.
Waxing Services. Please read the description of each service. If you are booking a Brazilian please don’t shave or use any hair removal products for 3 weeks before booking your service.
Acne Treatment Program
This program focuses on the treatment of Acne and clogged pores. The end goal is to clear your pores from dirt, debris, and bacteria. Your skin will be visibly clearer from active acne, blackheads and white heads. It is important you book each facial in the order and time period that is recommended for the best results. #1 new client package, #2 Acne Facial + Products, #3 Glam Signature Facial, #4 60 min customized facial. Each facial will be booked once a month.
Body Treatments