Initial Consultation
Consultation to determine your structured, personalized plan. Discuss health history, challenges and goals.
$25 · 1 hr
Single Private Training Session
Personal one-on-one training developed for your level and fitness goals. $65 per session.
$65 · 1 hr
10 Session Private Personal Training
10 sessions of personal training in my private studio.
$550 · 1 hr
20 Session Private Personal Training
Be committed and continue to improve and reach your goals! Exercise in a private studio and together we will reach your fitness goals!
$1,000 · 1 hr
Buddy Training
Grab a buddy and workout together! Push and motivate each other and have some fun! I will create fun partner exercises along with individual exercises.
Together we will work towards goals and have some fun along the way! $600 for two.
$600 · 1 hr
Online Personal Training
Workout when you want where you want! This is not a “cookie cutter” on-line program. The workouts will be customized to your fitness level and will produce results! Stuck in a rut? Need motivation? Perform the workouts in your home or at your own fitness center. Videos, (some of me), pictures, videos of you and constant support will help motivate you to reach your goals!
$100 per month.
$100 · 1 hr
3 Month On-line Personal Training
$270 · 1 hr
6 Month On-line Personal Training
$520 · 1 hr
Combination On-line/In Person
On-line training along with once a month in person “check-in” to assess progress.
Set goals, track progress, receive motivation and support! $150 per month.
$150 · 1 hr
3 Month Combination On-line/In Person
$400 · 1 hr
6 Month Combination On-line/In Person
$765 · 1 hr
On-line Strength For Endurance Athletes
Do you want to take your racing to the next level? Do you want to remain injury free? Strengthen your core? Get faster?
You need strength training!
I will get you stronger and increase your muscular endurance! I will be there to motivate you and provide constant support! We will determine and work on your weaknesses and improve your overall strength. $85 per month.
$100 · 1 hr
Online Strength Endurance 3 Months
$270 · 1 hr
Outdoor Boot Camp!
6 class punch card of outdoor fun, strength and cardio!
Multiple stations of strength and cardio to build muscular and cardio endurance! A great change and challenge working outdoors!
$75 · series class
Trx And More!
6 class punch card. Develop core strength using the TRX system designed by a Navy Seal.
Every exercise will include working your core muscles. We will also use free weights, bands, balls and bars to develop increase strength, improve balance, and define the major muscle groups.
TRX is the best to increase core strength!
$75 · series class
All Strength
6 class punch card. Compound exercises to burn fat and gain muscle. Total body strength workout!
Strength training will help you lose fat and gain muscle definition!
$75 · series class
You know you need to exercise but don’t know how to start. This on-line program will make you accountable and deliver the motivation and help you need to begin and continue an exercise program.
Consultation is a prerequisite. In-person PT “check-in” may be required as well.
$50 · 1 hr
Outdoor Boot Camp
$75 · 6 sessions
Trx And More
$75 · 6 sessions
All Strength
$75 · 6 sessions
Outdoor Boot Camp Drop In
Drop in class
$15 · drop-in class
TRX And More Drop in
TRX Drop-In
$15 · drop-in class
All Strength Drop In
Strength Drop In
$15 · drop-in class