Consultation & Evaluation
Many people prefer to meet the dog trainer and have them witness their dog's bad behaviors first hand before booking. We will answer any and all questions relevant to dog training within this hour session.
$145 路 1 hr
House Breaking 101
Read to stop the mess? 馃挬

This is our guaranteed House Breaking Solution that鈥檚 helped 1000鈥檚 of clients for the past 15 years. 馃榿

It takes 21 days to form a habit.
If you follow our proven method you will get results in 21 days or less guaranteed.

If you鈥檙e looking for the most affordable option we have...Take this free quiz to fin our your pup鈥檚 potty problem type:
$135 路 1 hr
Off Leash In 3 Weeks
We will do all the hard work, and your job will be to enjoy all the benefits.

Click the link below for details:

This program includes:
- Remote Training System
- 15 ft.Training Leash
- Housebreaking Bells
- Certificate Of Completion
$2,800 路 1 hr
8 Week Puppy Course Private Virtual
$375 路 8 sessions
8 Week Puppy Course In Home
Get off on the right paw with our private in home puppy course. We nip things like jumping, leash pulling, housebreaking, & nipping in the bud.

We cover

Week 1 Housebreaking, Nipping, Kennel Conditioning
Week 2 Sit, Leave It, & Find It
Week 3 Down & Drop It
Week 4 Place Command
Week 5 Come
Week 6 Heel
Week 7 Proofing
Week 8 Review & Graduate
$775 路 8 sessions
A.K.C S.T.A.R Puppy Test
$30 路 1 hr
6 Week In-home Obedience
This course teaches your 5 basic obedience commands.

1. Heel
2. Sit
3. Stay
4. Down
5. Come

- Plus a release command & reprimand word.
- All commands sturdy up to 15ft of leash.


- 15 feet leash
- Certificate upon completion

General problem solving and behavior modification:

- nipping
- jumping
- leash pulling
- etc.

$625 路 6 sessions
A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen Test
$30 路 1 hr
Aggressive Dog Consult 0-30 Lbs
Dogs under 30lbs
$175 路 1 hr
Aggressive Dog Consult 30-100 Lbs
Dogs 30 lbs- 100lbs

If your dog has bitten someone or has attacked another dog or animal this class is for you.

This class will teach you how to identify early warning signs of potential aggression and how to diffuse them before a bite occurs.
$225 路 1 hr
Aggressive Dog Consult Over 100 Lbs
Dogs 101lbs and more
$275 路 1 hr
Small Aggressive Dog Package
Applies to dogs under 30lbs
$800 路 6 sessions
Large Aggressive Dog Package
Applies for dogs 35lbs and greater
$850 路 6 sessions
Ultimate Problem Solver Package
6 session, private in home training.
Ecollar training collar included.
$800 路 1 hr
Advanced Training (must Complete Basic )
Our advanced training is tailored to your needs. Whether tricks, games, off-leash obedience, even if you just need a touch up on the basic obedience we are here to meet your needs.
$550 路 6 sessions

Only for current or previous clients.
When boarding with CIA, your dog doesn't sit in a kennel all day. Your dog will live with a professional dog trainer for the duration of their boarding vacation. Exercised daily, learn to walk on leash without pulling, sit at doors and basic manners. Also will be socialized and play with other dogs.
$50 路 1 day
Doggie Drop Off For Boarding
This service is for clients who have graduated a program.
Price TBD 路 1 hr
Doggie Pick-up From Boarding
This service is for clients who have graduated a program. Boarding has ended and your ready to reunite with your furry friend.
Price TBD 路 1 hr
Graduated Dog Follow Up Session Price
$90 路 1 hr
Follow Up Session
$115 路 1 hr
Half day (5hours) Play'nTrain includes socialization and training. Perfect for excess energy and to learn basic manners or up keep on training. Evaluation is required. Picture updates will be sent via text or on CIA dog training fb page.
Baths are available for $10
$30 路 TBD
Online Training
Online access to an all encompassing course that gives you training techniques without the price tag to match
$12 路 1 hr