Hip Hop Teens /Adults
Hip Hop intermediate (based on ability rather than age)
This is a high energy medium to fast paced class. Best suited for those who pick up dances quickly.
Price includes first time registration $45 and 4 classes
1 hour class
Intro To Painting (older Teens/adults)
Adults and older teens. 4 Friday's Learn about color theory, mixing acrylic paints, brushes, supplies and techniques.
Price includes $45 registration and 4 classes. #Group4
2 hours class
60 Min Music Lessons
1 hour
30 Minute Lesson
1 hour
Youth Art Class -Saturday
Youth ages 7 to 13. Beginner to intermediate artists will learn the foundations of art, strengthen their knowledge and technique. For the serious artist. Includes: first class payment of: $45 Registration fee and $20 class fee. #art1
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2 hours class
Adult Art Class-Saturdays
Beginner and Intermediate Adults and older Teens will enjoy the creativity and relaxation of this class. Learn to draw and paint with creative expression. Fee includes: $45 Registration and first class $20 fee. #art2
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2 hours class
Registration Fee
Family Registration Fee. Applies to individuals living in the same household.
1 hour
4 Drama & Acting Lessons