Adult Fitness
Our Adult Fitness groups offer a strength & cardio component designed to improve health-related fitness. This is a great option for adults of all ages and no prior training experience is needed. For those trying to increase muscle mass, lose body fat, or get in shape this is the option for you! Each session is one hour.
Price TBD · 1 hr
Athlete Evaluation
Our Athlete Evaluation is the first step to getting started at GameFace. The evaluation is a functional assessment grading each athlete on balance, stability, functional range of motion, and technique. The assessment gives us an opportunity to observe any biomechanical disadvantages or weaknesses that may lead to injury. The goal of the assessment is to gather enough information about the individual to build a program that will address any disadvantages or weaknesses.
Price TBD · 30 min
Team Training
Price TBD · 1 hr