One Week Trial
One week trial. Unlimited classes for one week.
$20 · 5 sessions
10 Class Punch Card
Punch card good for 10 classes. Expires after one year. Can be used for any classes. Save $20 with this option.
$130 · 10 sessions
Adult MMA (No Contract)
One month. Unlimited classes. No Contract rate.
$125 · 1 hr
Youth MMA (No Contract)
One month. Unlimited classes. Youth MMA.
$100 · 1 hr
3 Month Prepaid Package (Adult)
Prepaid 3 Month package. Unlimited classes for 3 months. Discounted rate $110 per month.
Training freeze option available
$330 · 1 hr
MMA (Felicia)
One hour of personal MMA training. This class covers the fundimentals of BJJ, kickboxing, No Gi grappling.

100% one on one training. (Or) you can bring a buddy to your session for a discounted rate of $25, payable before class.
$40 · 1 hr
Nutrition Consult (Ana)
Bioimpedance Analysis- a highly accurate device is used to measure the percentage of body fat vs. lean muscle mass. It's diagnostic features allows our nutritionist to give you a fully customized nutrition plan.

Personalized Meal Plan- the meal plan is created from the information gathered in the BIA test. Therefore, each plan is tailored to the health needs of the individual.

1 Hour Health Consultation- Ana will discuss, at length, any concerns or questions you may have.
$175 · 1 hr
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
BJJ classes are Monday's and Wednesday's at 6:30 pm. We train both GI and No Gi.
$15 · drop-in class
Kickboxing classes are Tuesday's and Thursday's at 6:30 pm.
$15 · drop-in class