20 minute consultation.. the fee may be used towards any serviced that day.
$25 · 20 min
Shampoo/Style On Relaxed Hair
Lavish shampoo, condition and style on relaxed hair.
$50 · 1 hr
Flatiron Long Hair
This service includes a shampoo, conditioning and flatiron style on relaxed hair. ( relaxer not included) if it's been more than 6 weeks pleased add a relaxer retouch
$55 · 1 hr
ADD Deep Conditioner
$15 · 30 min
Hair Cuts With NO SHAMPOO Or Style
Hair Cut WithOut styling
$25 · 30 min
ADD Trim Ends Of HAIR
This service is for hair trimming only.
$15 · 30 min
Add Color Rinse Semi Permanent
$15 · 30 min
Add Permanent color One Step Process
Color hair, one step process one color or retouch
$30 · 20 min
Add Color Foil Highlights Shampoo Style
Shampoo style, highlights with Foil. Starting price $140. Price may change after consultations
$140 · 1 hr
Quick Weaves
$85 · 1 hr
Relaxer Retouch Shampoo Style Trim
Shampoo Style , relaxer on new growth 3inch or less. Trim included on request
$80 · 1 hr
Full Relaxer With Style
Full relaxer if more than 6 weeks of regrowth will be decided by the stylist.
All relaxers include trims with no charge to keep hair healthy. Please request
$90 · 1 hr
Natural Clients Hair Cut Only
Haircut on natural hair cut only
$35 · 30 min
Flat Iron Natural Hair
Natural hair temporary straightener
$65 · 1 hr
Add-on service - standard hair coloring.
$65 · 1 hr
Silk Press Natural Hair Flatiron
Natural hair straightening, flat iron, silk press, silk wrap. This is not permanent last from shampoo to shampoo. This price vary depending on hair length
$65 · 1 hr
Natural Hair Style
Twist out, dred/maintenance, comb twist, straightening,
$75 · 1 hr, 30 min
Regular Sewin And Style Deposit Required
Lavish shampoo, braid down, Sewin, cut and style. Must Extra services removal, closure are extra. 75.00 dollar nonfundable deposit is required to book your appointment. If u miss, cancel or reschedule u will loose your deposit. Please add any extra services that u may need such as color, relaxers, closures, extra buddles, deep conditioners, trims, previous sewin removals etc. Thank you
$175 · 2 hr
Added Closures
$25 · 10 min
Sewin Removal
Remove Previous Sewin
$25 · 30 min
Sewin Maintenance Shampoo Style
Shampoo style on extensions, Tighten if needed but please replace extensions after 6 weeks ir longer
$65 · 1 hr
Reinstallation SEWN Hair Extension
Reinstallation Sewin Extension includes. Removal of hair extensions, removing braids, shampoo/condition hair and extensions. Hair Blowout on natural hair. Natural Hair will be braided, extensions installed and styled. Hair Cut is included if requested. Closure installations are extra
$225 · 3 hr
Sewin Hair Extension and installation of your 360 closure
$225 · 3 hr
Keratin Treatment And Up
Keratin thermal treatment 75.00 nonfundable deposit if u cancel, reschedule or miss your appointme
$200 · 2 hr
Professional Photo 5 Shots
U may purchase a mini photo shoot with professional camera 20 min only at the salon
$25 · 1 hr
Angie Client Prepaid
$140 · 10 min
Weekly Packs Shampoo Style
4 basic shampoos styles curls roller set . Can not reschedule ..or cancel.
$160 · 4 sessions