Times stated are "table time" spent massaging and do not include time spent on consult, getting on/off the massage table, or checkout- because we believe you deserve your full time, without being rushed! All Massages include essential oil aromatherapy at no additional cost.
Skin Fix Treatments
We specialize in Sensitive and Compromised Skin Conditions including rosacea, redness, dryness, dehydration, allergies/sensitivities, eczema, irritated or inflamed skin, compromised barrier, inflamed acne, hormonal acne, severe blackheads, PCOS, PFB, glycation, thinning of the skin, milia, signs of aging, and more. See full details on our website at
Award-Winning Celluma LED Treatments
See website for full details.
Tinting, Waxing & Body Treatments
Spa guests using retinol, Differin, Accutane, Tazorac, or other OTC or Rx medications or topicals MUST inform your provider, as waxing services combined with these may damage skin. Sun exposure or tanning bed use 2 weeks prior or 1 week after wax services is also contraindicated.