Product Order
Click here to see our products available to order. We offer the following options: pick-up, local drop off or delivery. Pick up and drop off require arranging a day and time that works for you. Delivery will include additional shipping fees. Orders over $100 get free delivery!
Virtual Skincare Consultations
These are online/virtual skincare consultations and includes a Skype, Google Duo or other virtual call where we are able to see and discuss your skin concerns & needs and recommend the right homecare products & future treatments to address them.
Skin Fix
For clients with specific skin concerns, we offer a 3 month Skin Fix Membership which begins with you booking our Comprehensive Consult. For full details on what Skin Fix can do for you, please visit our website.
Relaxing Facials
For clients with minor to no skin concerns, who simply want a relaxing facial treatment.
Times stated are "table time" spent massaging and do not include time spent on consult, getting on/off the massage table, or checkout- because we believe you deserve your full time, without being rushed! All Massages include essential oil aromatherapy at no additional cost.
Spa Day Packages
Enhancements may be added on to any service. May add to service time depending on Enhancement chosen.
Waxing & Body Treatments
Spa guests using retinol, Differin, Accutane, Tazorac, or other OTC or Rx medications or topicals MUST inform your provider, as waxing services combined with these may damage skin. Sun exposure or tanning bed use 2 weeks prior or 1 week after wax services is also contraindicated.