Puppy Bath ( Up To 6 Months)
Bath brush teeth ears and nails and training ur puppy for proper behavior for grooming for their safety
$30 路 1 hr
Puppy Trim Puppies Only
Bath,,trim face feet sanitary,undercarriage..clean ears..trim nails training puppy to get used to the noises of scissors and face and feet touching and sounds of clippers to ensure their safety馃挅
$45 路 1 hr
Puppy Haircut Puppies Only
Bath,,haircut,,ears,,teeth,,nails and training ur puppy for proper behavior for grooming to ensure safety 馃挅
$50 路 1 hr
Small Dogs Bath 20 Pounds And Under
$40 路 1 hr
Bath (Med)
Bath,,ears,,brush, nails
$50 路 1 hr
Bath ( Large)
Price TBD 路 1 hr
Full Groom Small Dog
Bath ears nails haircut spritz...
Price TBD 路 2 hr
Fullgroom Med Size / large
Depending on coat and size price could b more ..bath haircut/ or trim, ears nails spritz
Price TBD 路 2 hr
Fullgroom Over 99 Pounds
Depending of breed size and coat could b more
Price TBD 路 2 hr
Nail Grinding
Grinding of nails with dremmel for a smoother edge and also gets the nails back further then trimming
$12 路 15 min
Nail Trims
$10 路 1 hr
Hampster,,Guini Pigs,,Rabbit Nail Trim
$8 路 15 min
Hair Color
Coloring on the coat
$2 路 1 hr
Deshedding Service
Deshedding treatment b4 the bath and deshedding shampoo and cond..following with tools to lift out all of undercoat ..this service price gets added on to whatever service u choose for a bath service above
$15 路 1 hr
Brush Out
30 min brush out ti keep from matting in between grooms
Price TBD 路 30 min