Complimentary Calls
Two options for complimentary calls.

1) Discovery call to discuss your current stressors and decide if we’re a good fit to work together.

2) Reiki Retreat 2020 Clarity call. Learn more about the retreat and decide which room and payment option is best for you.
Individual Sessions
Choose a session depending on your current needs and wants.

Holistic Counselor
Chakra Balance
Current Clients Only
Butterfly Reading
Transcend Your Stress
Past Life Regression
Personalized Remote Guided Meditation
Reiki Classes
Journey Dance Classes
Remote Accountability
90 Day Programs
These package of sessions is for clients who completed either the Clarity and Focus program or Reiki Love On Program who want continued coaching and accountability.

Options are either bi-weekly sessions or weekly sessions in person or remotely.
Remote Reiki And Hypnosis