Meet The Owner
If you just need more information, want to see the place, or want to meet me first, then this is the option for you!
Free · 1 hr
JRT Fit Score Assessment
This is where all personal training starts. We need to figure out your muscle imbalances, strengths & weaknesses, coordination and balance. With this info we can create a completely individualized workout based on your goals and what we uncover in the assessment.
$120 · 2 hr
Up to 3 Group Sessions per week
This is a minimum of 3 months commitment of 3 sessions each week auto charged weekly. After 3 months, notify Sean Johnson if you would like to stop group training. It will be continued after the 3 months under no additional commitment. Each person in the group must purchase their own subscription.

You are able to use up to 3 sessions each week with this package, while attending any of the group sessions. Groups have a maximum of 6 people in most cases.
$75 · due every week