Pure Energry HIIT - Mon. 7:00 Pm
Interval based workout using bands, dumbbells and gliders
1 hour class
10 Pack class card
10 Group Fitness sessions for any class. Come swear off sizes with HIIT energy classes. Expires after 45 days from date of purchase.
Personal Training Pay-As-You-Go
This is a single price for a single training session. You will receive one hour of service. This is great if you are looking for a customized program to do at home or the gym. If you are a self motivator and want to do just trainer check ins once or twice a month. It fits your budget and you also have access to our FB for my tribe group for daily motivation.
6 Personal Training (Sale)
6 One on One Training Sessions 45 minutes sessions
10 Session Personal Training (Sale)
10 One on One Personal Training sessions. This is a 50% off saving from the original price. This sale end 3/30 can be paid in 2 installments
12 Personal Training Sessions
12 One on One Personal Training sessions. Custom meal plan and coaching.
Pruv ME 8WK Transformation CH
Personal Training
1 hour