Pre-Puppy Consult
Before the puppy arrives we go over planning for potty training, and other predictable natural dog behavior to be expected (& some tactics to implement). We plan out how to set the puppy up to succeed in their new home!
1 hour
Meet & Greet
Get to know the pet's info on feeding, medications, likes, dislikes...daily routines!
1 hour
30 Min Drop in visit
~30 minute potty break, feeding, medicating, playtime visit
30 minutes
Overnight Petsitting
Stay overnight with your pets in their home. Provide feeding, pottybreaks, playtime, medication etc
TBD reservation
Longest drop In Visit
Stay for 2.5 hrs for potty break & playtime, feeding, medicating...or other specific requests
3 hours
Quick Drop In Visit
Shorter than 30 minutes for feeding/medications, quick potty break/litter scooping, water refresh (& love)
20 minutes