Initial Consult
$100 · 1 hr, 45 min
Pre-Puppy Consult
Before the puppy arrives we go over planning for potty training, and other predictable natural dog behavior to be expected (& some tactics to implement). We plan out how to set the puppy up to succeed in their new home!
$40 · 1 hr
Meet & Greet
Get to know the pet's info on feeding, medications, likes, dislikes...daily routines!
Free · 1 hr
30 Min Drop in visit
~30 minute potty break, feeding, medicating, playtime visit
$20 · 30 min
Overnight Petsitting
Stay overnight with your pets in their home. Provide feeding, pottybreaks, playtime, medication etc
$60 · TBD
4 Training Sessions
$300 · 1 hr