Select Services
Initial Consult
Includes training materials, video links and documents to support the training protocol.
1 hour, 45 minutes
Pre-Puppy Consult
Before the puppy arrives we go over planning for potty training, and other predictable natural dog behavior to be expected (& some tactics to implement). We plan out how to set the puppy up to succeed in their new home!
1 hour
A Good Start
4 individual training sessions in your home
Its A Start
2 individual training sessions in your home
Behavior Package
6 individual sessions
30 Min Drop in visit
A 30 minute potty break, feeding, medicating, playtime.
30 minutes
Two Visits
Training Classes Assistance
1 hour
Donations To Paws Place Dog Rescue
Weekly $5 donation to Paws Place for their new building!
Payment due every week
Overnight Petsitting
TBD reservation
Donations To CauseNDog Rescue
Weekly $5 donation to Cause N Dog Rescue for prison dog training program
Payment due every week
Donations To C.A.P.S. Cat Rescue
Weekly $5 donation to CAPS Cat Rescue!
Payment due every week
Donations To Have A Heart Cat Rescue
Weekly $5 donated to Have A Heart Cat Rescue
Payment due every week
Meet & Greet
Get to know the pet's info on feeding, medications, likes, dislikes...daily routines!
1 hour
Long Drop In Visit
1.5-2hrs for multiple potty breaks & playtime
2 hours
Longest drop In Visit
Stay for 2.5-3 hrs for potty break & playtime
3 hours
Quick Drop In
Shorter than 30 minutes for feeding/medications, quick potty break/litter scooping, water refresh (& love)
20 minutes