Private In Home Lesson
Our private in home lesson consists of helping you resolve behavioral and obedience issues. By devising a plan that’s specific to you’re personal requirements and the dogs disposition combined.
$95 · 1 hr
3 Week Board & Train Program
Our approach is based on believing every dog is 100% a completely different individual than the next. The same goes for the owners. This is where we implement a custom training program fit for you.

In this program we cover
Dog aggression
Human Aggression
Separation anxiety
Excessive barking, jumping, mouthing, and nipping
Leash reactivity
Fear-based behaviors
Sit stay
Down stay
Crate training
Drop it command
Off leash training on an electronic collar
$2,250 · 3 hr
Phone Consultation
Quick phone chat to deal with new simple behaviors that are devolving behavioral or obedience related.
$50 · 30 min
2 Week Basic Obedience Board And Train
$1,450 · 1 hr
Client Boarding
This is boarding that I allow for my clients once I know them and their dog I will board their.

Benefits •intensive exercise creates a calm mind and A dog but enjoys their kennel

Structure•in daily routine from a professional dog trainer.Watching over eating behaviors crate Anxiety barking issues short day assistance with dog related behavior.

Stable house pack. I have a pack of fully trained dogs which are the best assistance I could ever ask for in teaching dogs good behavior skills.
$60 · TBD
Additional Half Hr Training
$47.50 · 1 hr