Individual Yoga Training Session
Work 1:1 with Jessica, an experienced yoga & wellness professional. All sessions are 50-60 minutes in duration and include asana (postures), pranayama (conscious breathing), guided meditation and lifestyle support.

Introductory phone interview recommended. Call 409-861-0003.
$110 · 1 hr
6 Individial Training Sessions
$599 · 1 hr
NEW CLIENT~ 3 Individual Sessions
$279 · 3 sessions
Wednesday-Hatha Yoga
$15 · drop-in class
Private Event
$110 · 1 hr
Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra is one of the most profound meditations one can experience, a deeply relaxed but conscious state of healing and remembrance. Traditionally, Yoga Nidra was used to reach enlightenment. In this workshop, we will begin by exploring the subtle patterns or innate tendencies (samskaras) that are most present in your life, create a sankalpa (a conscious intention to support and align with your highest truth) and then drop into a full 30-40 minute yoga nidra experience.
$35 · drop-in class
Teacher Training Module
$895 · 12 hr
All 3 Teacher Training Modules
$2,395 · 1 hr
Individual Weekend Teacher Training
$395 · 1 hr