Individual Yoga Training Session
Work 1:1 with Jessica, an experienced yoga & wellness professional. All sessions are 50-60 minutes in duration and include asana (postures), pranayama (conscious breathing), guided meditation and lifestyle support.

Introductory phone interview recommended. Call 409-861-0003.
$110 · 1 hr
6 Individial Training Sessions
$599 · 1 hr
NEW CLIENT~ 3 Individual Sessions
$279 · 3 sessions
Teacher Training Module
$895 · 12 hr
All 3 Teacher Training Modules
$2,395 · 1 hr
Individual Weekend Teacher Training
$395 · 1 hr
Fall Yoga Series
6 weeks of live yoga classes & weekly audio teachings & meditations. Closed Facebook group let’s you interact with other participants, post questions & gain inspiration.

Jessica will cover:
•Ayurvedic Nutrition
•Yoga as a Lifestyle
•Conscious Manifestation~the 3 Bodies
•8 Limbs & Yoga Psychology
•Creating a Home Practice
•Energy & Mind Connection

+ short, guided meditations to practice at home
$135 · 1 hr, 15 min
Fall Yoga Series~AUDIO ONLY
For those who cannot attend live Sunday training, but would like access to the weekly teachings.
$88 · 1 hr
Women's Retreat
Join Jessica for this meaningful day of reflection, ritual, rest & reconnection to the source of deep healing and creativity.
Nurture yourself deeply, realign with your soul’s calling & feel more rested, vibrant and alive in your body.
•Lunch included
$108 · drop-in class
Donation Based Class
Price TBD · 1 hr
Master's Path Payments (4)
Invest monthly for 4 months toward your goals! Payment of $600 will be drafted on the same calendar day each month for 4 months, totally $2400.00.
$600 · due every month
Women's Retreat Payments (3)
Invest monthly toward your goals. Payments drafted on the same calendar day each month.
$36 · due every month