1-1 Personal Training designed for SIGNIFICANT results with personal performance in health, productivity, and self discipline.

All sessions are done in a 1-1 atmosphere will you will be challenged physically and mentally on a daily basis to out perform your last session.

***This is NOT for everyone. Only those up for the challenge of becoming better.***
Small Team CrossTraining (PeerFit)
Small Group Personal Training through CrossTraining Programs for functional movements ranging in plyometrics, calisthenics, TRX, weights, and cardio.

Training locations listed below.

Richmond Ice Zone & OwnTouch Southside.

Please contact Coach for location details.
45 minutes class
This Clinic focuses on 3 fundamental truths of Youth Development.

1. Injury Prevention
2. Proper Form
3. Fundamental Core Strength & Conditioning

To successfully complete #YouthSpeedSchool 3 things are required of you.

1. Coachability (You don't know it all)
2. Heart (Your ability to fight to be better regardless the challenge ahead)
3. Consistency (You consistently attend clinic)

If you lack those simple attributes you WILL quit. Coach Lee will NEVER quit on you.
45 minutes class
14 Day HeadStart Sport Conditioning
College level speed, agility, conditioning and injury prevention designed age appropriately for your kids.

This is a way for your kids to learn how to use their body and prevent injuries in their most vulnerable years in sports.

We PROMISE to show you in two weeks how long term conditioning programs can decrease injuries, improve performance, and boost confidence.

***100% Guaranteed Fast & Proven Results with FUN, if directions followed to the T!***
45 minutes class
HomeSchool Fitness
Take your child to learn how to use their body to be less awkward, be healthier, or perform better in their sports!

All sessions include the following:

-General Warmup
_Dynamic Warmup
-Fundamental Weights Free Conditioning
-Speed, agility, & Plyometrics Work
-Stretching Education
-Family FItness & Nutrition Coaching Sessions

All students are able to come to as many sessions as they like weekly. The faster they learn how to be fit the healthier and happier they will be!
45 minutes class
14 Day Kickstarter Fatloss
Want a kickstart to your New Years Resolutions?

Give yourself the opportunity to REALLY push past your limits with a trainer that CARES about your FAST & PROVEN results.

14 days of freedom from your old self into the new you.

Results are 100% guaranteed when Program is followed exactly!

***Location Dependent On Session Day/Time. Ask Coach.***
45 minutes class