This Clinic focuses on 3 fundamental truths of Youth Development.

1. Injury Prevention
2. Proper Form
3. Fundamental Core Strength & Conditioning

To successfully complete #YouthSpeedSchool 3 things are required of you.

1. Coachability (You don't know it all)
2. Heart (Your ability to fight to be better regardless the challenge ahead)
3. Consistency (You consistently attend clinic)

If you lack those simple attributes you WILL quit. Coach Lee will NEVER quit on you.
45 minutes class
14 Day HeadStart Sport Conditioning
College level speed, agility, conditioning and injury prevention designed age appropriately for your kids.

This is a way for your kids to learn how to use their body and prevent injuries in their most vulnerable years in sports.

We PROMISE to show you in two weeks how long term conditioning programs can decrease injuries, improve performance, and boost confidence.

***100% Guaranteed Fast & Proven Results with FUN, if directions followed to the T!***

***Great Adult Fitness Option***
45 minutes class
Home Schoolers PE
Many homeschool kids miss out on PE and never really learn how to use their body or have the right sports conditioning programs to help them learn how to prevent injuries.

Sessions are designed to teach the kids how to use their body in a healthy way which helps prevent adulthood sedentary lifestyles.

We look forward to helping your child and family!
50 minutes class