This Clinic focuses on 3 fundamental truths of Youth Development.

1. Injury Prevention
2. Proper Form
3. Fundamental Core Strength & Conditioning

To successfully complete #YouthSpeedSchool 3 things are required of you.

1. Coachability (You don't know it all)
2. Heart (Your ability to fight to be better regardless the challenge ahead)
3. Consistency (You consistently attend clinic)

If you lack those simple attributes you WILL quit. Coach Lee will NEVER quit on you.
Free · series class
Speed School Personal Training
Speed School Personal Training teaches your kids through progressive programs:

✅Body Control
✅Sport Fitness
✅Injury Prevention
✅Mental Toughness
✅Much More

Sessions are 30-45 minutes depending on athletes skill and training goals.
$30 · drop-in class
The Athlete
The Athlete is a team personal training program designed to help you learn the fundamentals of fitness.

It will help you run better, jump higher, lose fat, and build muscle.

Program sessions are 30-45 minutes and designed with a warmup, workout, and stretch session.

Max of 12 sessions per month.
$147 · due every month