#1 SUPER Wash
Heated Pre-Soak, Hand Wash, Towel Dry, Bug & Tar Removal, 5-Step Wheel Clean, Underbody Wash, Clean Door Jambs & Gas Compartment, Exterior Windows, Express Spray Wax, Apply Tire Gloss & Blow Dry! (SMALL CAR PRICE)
*Additional Charge on Large/Muddy Vehicles.

((Free Quick Vac or front rubber mat spray off by request))
$25 $22.50 · 1 hr
#1 Large Vehicle
Please select this package if you have a large truck or suv. #1 SUPER WASH
$35 $31.50 · 1 hr
#2 SUPER Wash & Interior
#2 Full Service Package... Clean ALL Windows & Mirrors. Vacuum Carpets & Seats. Wipe down & Sanitize Interior. Shine dash with UV protectant. Clean Console & Cup holders. Clean Rubber Mats. New Car Air Fragrance. Express Wax Tire Gloss. (Small Vehicle Price)
Our most popular weekly service.
**Large or neglected vehicles will require an additional fee of $25**
$50 $45 · 1 hr, 45 min
#2 Large Vehicle
Please select this option if you have a large Truck or suv. #2 SUPER WASH & INTERIOR
$75 $67.50 · 1 hr, 45 min
#3 MINI Detail Package
Our most popular Steam Detail Package. Includes Professional hand wash using our wax formulated soap, Bug removal, 5-Step Wheel Clean, Air dry, 30 day Tire gloss, Detailed Window Cleaning in/out, Detailed Vacuum, Steam Clean mats. We perform a complete steam sanitation and detailing of the interior. Apply Conditioner. New Car Scent. Then Apply our Express Paint Sealant to the paint.
**Large or neglected vehicles require an Additional Fee**
$150 $135 · 3 hr, 30 min
#3 Large Vehicle
Select this option if you have a large truck or suv. #3 Mini Detail
$175 $157.50 · 1 hr
HeadLights Restored
This service renews the lenses to a like new condition by buffing off the cloudy yellow haze. We also add a New Layer of Clear Coat to last 5 years!

NOTE: some rare headlights may require a 3 step wet sanding process due to severe neglect, This will add an additional fee*
$50 $45 · 1 hr
SUPER Interior includes a FULL detailed Vacuum, Steam Sanitation, Detailed Cleaning of all areas, UV Protectant Shine, Clean & Condition Leather & Vinyl. Detailed Window Cleaning! PLUS Steam Clean Floor Mats! (Small car price)
May be additional fee on large or neglected vehicles!
$39.95 $35.95 · 1 hr
#1 Hand Wash Package PLUS...
Clay Bar Treatment, Paint Sealant,
and Hand Wax.
It is crucial to get a clay treatment prior to waxing, this removes embedded contaminants from your clear coat to ensure a scratch free & Longer Lasting Wax Application! SMALL CAR PRICE!
$125 · 3 hr
Full Auto Detail
Like New Again! We deep Clean & Sanitize Everything with Steam! Full Interior detail including Steam & Shampoo ALL Carpets/Seats. Interior conditioner, STEAM SANITIZE ventilation system. Exterior Clay Bar Treatment & 1 Year Hand Wax, undercarriage clean/blackout, Headlight Restoration
This process generally takes up to 6 hours. It is highly recommended to join our Unlimited VIP Club to keep it clean!
**Additional Fee for Large or Filthy vehicles**
$325 $292.50 · 6 hr
Clay Bar | Machine Polish | WAX
Clay Bar Treatment to remove all embeded contaminates from clear coat. 1-Step Machine Polish to REMOVE fine scratches and swirls from paint. Finished with a Hand Wax for Ultimate Paint Protection and SHINE! *** may be additional fee for large or neglected vehicles.
$275 $247.50 · 1 hr
3 Step Paint Correction
Machine compound, polish, wax.
Restores your paint to a like to finish, removing water spots from acid rain, swirl marks and minor scratches from neglect.
$425 · 1 hr
PRO Ceramic Coating
Includes our Exterior Detail Package PLUS complete 3 Step Paint Correction to ensure a Flawless finish is ported with our Ceramic coating Guaranteed to protect your car from swirls and minor defects for years!
$825 · 1 hr
Cleaning Estimate
Request Quote For
Professional Cleaning Service:
Auto Detailing
Power Washing.
Janitorial Cleaning.
Maid Service.
Window Cleaning.
Fleet Auto Washing.
(Residential & Commercial)
Price TBD · 1 hr
Mobile Car Wash Package (Weekly)
We come to your location with everything needed to wash and detail your ride!
Includes Wash, Express Wax, Vac, Windows, & Tire Gloss.
This package is for our recurring weekly service at a discounted rate, to be performed on a Sun. Mon. or Tue.
Anytime, Anywhere we come to serve YOU!
You may also come to us.
$25 · due every week
Mobile Full DETAIL
We come to your location with everything needed to fully detail and sanitize your vehicle.
Includes Wash, Vac, Clay Treatment, Wax, Full interior Steam Detail and sanitation to include deep steam cleaning of carpets and seats.
Regular price is $297 now only $97. With monthly recurring service!
$297 · due every 4 weeks
Window Restoration
We professionally remove Water spots, and hard water stains embedded into the glass.
Giving your windows a true streak free shine.
Then we apply glass sealant for ultimate protection to prevent further damage.
*may be additional fee for large or neglected vehicles.
$129 · 1 hr
Unlimited Wash Package
Unlimted #1 Wash Package
$125 · 75 sessions
includes Heated Pre-Soak, Traffic Film Remover, Bug & Tar Remover, 5-Step Wheel Clean, Undercarriage Clean, Hand Wash, Blow Dry, Jambs & pipes, Exterior Wimdows, Express Paint Sealant, Spray Rubber Mats, Apply 30 day Tire Gloss!!!
$25 . gift certificate
Interior DETAIL
Complete Interior Detail Cleaning & Sanitation. May be additional fee for large or neglected vehicles.
$125 · 1 hr
Unlimited Wash Plan
Bring your car in anytime for our 20 minute Express Hand Wash & VAC!! Add a 2nd vehicle for just $20/mth. Additional services available for $5 Each, Steam Sanitize, Vacuum, Tire Gloss, Windows, Undercarriage...WE LOVE TIPS! 😎
**$10 fee for Large or Muddy Trucks, per visit**
Friday & Saturday are fully booked every week.
Please Book Sunday-Thursday.
$49 · due every month