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Professional Cleaning Service:
Auto Detailing
Power Washing.
Janitorial Cleaning.
Maid Service.
Window Cleaning.
Fleet Auto Washing.
(Residential & Commercial)
1 hour
#3 Detail Package
Our most popular Steam Detail Package. Includes a professional hand wash using our wax formulated soap, Bug removal, Air dry, Tire gloss, Window Cleaning in/out, detailed vacuum, we perform a complete steam sanitation and detailing of the interior. Then we apply our Express Wax.
2 hours
Unlimited Wash Plan
Payment due every month
#1 Extreme Hand Wash & Express Wax
Heated Pre-Soak, Hand Wash, Towel Dry, Bug & Tar Removal, 5-Step Wheel Clean, Underbody Wash, Clean Door Jambs & Gas Compartment, Exterior Windows, Express Carnauba Wax, Apply Tire Gloss & Blow Dry! (Request a free vacuum & Wipe down)
1 hour
#2 Express Wash & Vac
#1 Package plus... Clean ALL Windows & Mirrors. Vacuum Carpets & Seats. Wipe down & Sanitize Interior. Shine dash with UV protectant. Clean Console & Cup holders. Clean Rubber Mats. New Car Air Fragrance. Tire Gloss.
(Our most popular weekly service)
1 hour
Custom Full Auto Detail
Like New Again! We deep Clean & Sanitize Everything with Steam! Full Interior Detail & Shampoo.
Plus Clay Bar Treatment, Hand Wax, undercarriage blackout, Headlight Restoration and more... may be additional fee for large or excessively dirty vehicles. This process generally takes up to 8 hours or less.
4 hours
Clay Bar | Machine Polish | WAX
Clay Bar Treatment to remove all embeded contaminates from clear coat. Machine Polish to REMOVE fine scratches and swirls from paint. Finished with a Hand Wax for Ultimate Paint Protection and SHINE! (May be additional fee for severely neglected vehicles) small well maintained small cars only.*** may be additional fee for large or neglected vehicles.
1 hour
Window Restoration
We professionally remove Water spots, and hard water stains embedded into the glass.
Giving your windows a true streak free shine.
*may be additional fee for large or neglected vehicles.
1 hour
3 Step Paint Correction
Machine compound, polish, wax.
Restores your paint to a like to finish, removing water spots from acid rain, swirl marks and minor scratches from neglect.
1 hour
Hand WASH & Hand WAX
1 hour
Clay Bar Treatment & Hand Wax
Hand Wash, Clay Bar Treatment, Hand Wax.
It is crucial to get a clay treatment prior to waxing, this removes embedded contaminants from your clear coat to ensure a scratch free & Longer Lasting Wax Application!
1 hour
1 hour
Unlimited Wash Package
Unlimted #1 Wash Package