Yoga For Everybody
Gentle Movement and breathing practice suitable for any level. Adaptations offered as appropriate.
$20 · drop-in class
Yoga For Healthy Hips And Back
$20 · drop-in class
Yoga For Healthy Bones And Balance
This practice will make you stronger: slowly, gradually and safely. You will be lead through a series of movements that strengthen your bones and muscles which will give balance to your body. Using weights offers resistance and is helpful for building bone mass. Weights are optional, but not required. Movement using resistance and light weight is a great way to help your bones stay healthy and avoid osteoporosis, too. This class can be enjoyed by all levels.
$20 · drop-in class
Yoga For Vibrant Aging
A very gentle and fun class that focuses on Strength, Stability, Agility, Flexibility, and Cardiovascular health. Resistance bands, weights, balls, blocks, and other tools are used to assist with fun movement. This class combines resistance training with some pilates core building exercises, along with gentle stretching. All levels welcome and you can join anytime.
$20 · drop-in class
Integrated Yoga
ntegrated yoga uses many concepts from Feldenkrais together with Viniyoga to explore the processes of movement. We will explore habits and patterns that may be creating discomfort. You'll be guided through a series of movements chosen to create a greater range of ease, skill and pleasure. Explore possibilities. Be in your body! No experience necessary.
$20 · drop-in class
Lu Jong
Lu Jong works simultaneously with body, mind and energy. It’s a combination of form, movement and breath, which besides the physical health benefits, calms the mind and balances emotions. Lu Jong focuses very much on the spine. It balances the spine, prevents postural imbalance and increases blood flow. It is gentle movement and can be enjoyed by inflexible bodies.
$20 · drop-in class
Restorative Yoga
Students will be lead through various poses both classic and restorative that help the body relax and de-stress. This will be followed by a breathing practice and visualization to prepare the student for rest. All postures are gentle and no experience is required. If you are having trouble sleeping or have a high level of stress in your life, this is a great class for you. Class will be taught by two teachers in alternating weeks during the month, Milo Minnis and Tamara Gillest. Join anytime!
$20 · drop-in class
Yoga For MS And Parkinson's
This is class is appropriate for the older adult who is experiencing challenges with balance and transitioning to and from the floor. The majority of this practice is offered from a chair or standing and includes gentle movement, mindful breathing, and reflection. This class serves an aging population as well as those suffering from neurological imbalance such as MS or Parkinson's Disease. Please dress in comfortable clothes that allow you to move.
$40 · drop-in class
Yoga Therapy with Tamara
4 sessions of yoga therapy with Tamara
$340 · 4 sessions
Yoga Therapy
1-on-1 yoga in private studio
$95 · 1 hr
Buteyko Consultation
$85 · 1 hr
Buteyko Breathing Clinic: 4 week Series
4 group sessions of Buteyko Clinic Education
$125 · 60 sessions
Crystal Healing Treatment: 20 Minutes
20 minute crystal treatment using 7-crystal lamp and crystals aligned to energetic centers. Plan on appointment lasting 30 minutes minimum.
$25 · 1 session
Crystal Healing Treatment-30 Minutes
30 minute crystal treatment using 7-crystal lamp and crystals aligned to energetic centers. Plan on appointment lasting 40 minutes minimum.
$35 · 1 session
Small Room Rental
Small room rental $30/hour
$30 · 1 hr
Small Room Rental
Small room rental
$30 · 1 session
Large Room Rental
Large room rental
$60 · 1 session
Weekend Rental
Sat/Sunday Rental of Large studio
$500 · 30 sessions
Single Class Drop-In
$20 · 1 session
Unlimited Monthly
1 month of unlimited attendance in regularly scheduled classes
$129 · due every month
5 week series pass
5 consecutive weeks of one regularly schedule classes
$90 · 5 sessions
5 Class Pack (Includes Tax)
5 sessions of any regularly scheduled classes
$97 · 5 sessions
10 Class Pass (Includes Tax)
10 sessions of any regularly scheduled classes
$179 $152.15 · 10 sessions
20 Class Pass (Includes Tax)
20 sessions of any regularly schedule classes
$309 · 20 sessions
4-week Yoga Private for Parkinson's
4 sessions of Yoga for Parkinson's sessions
$160 · 4 sessions
Crystal Healing 20min
$25 · 20 min
Crystal Healing 30min
$35 · 30 min
Infrared Treatment
$35 · 30 min
Large Room Rental
Rent large room for $60/hour
$60 · 1 hr
In Home Yoga Class
In home yoga instruction
$50 · 1 hr
Private Yoga Therapy Renew Price
For clients who have purchased 10 sessions or more.
$85 · 1 hr
In Home Yoga Class
1 hour in home yoga class
$50 · 1 session
Banyan District
$19.99 · 1 hr
In Home Yoga class
$300 · 6 sessions
Drop In Guest First Class
$10 · 1 session
Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher Training
Leslie Howard Training
$650 · 4 sessions
Essential Oil Blend
$9 · 1 hr
Banyan Trim Balm
$21.99 · 1 hr
Alluminum Water Canteen
$10 $4 · 1 hr
Food Drive Donation
In kind trade for food donation to food bank
Free · 1 session
Private Yoga
$50 · 1 hr
Private Yoga Session
Private Yoga Session
$50 · 1 session
Yoga Therapy Package With 10 Classes
You get 4 sessions of private yoga therapy and 10 classes of your choice. A 100 savings.
$429 · 14 sessions
Yoga Therapy Package With 5 Classes
You get 4 private yoga therapy sessions and 5 classes of your choice.
$349 · 9 sessions