$100 . gift certificate
$150 . gift certificate
$200 . gift certificate
$250 . gift certificate
Female Brazilian Wax Gift Certificate
$75 . gift certificate
First Time Female Brazilian
This service is for first time Brazilian wax clients or for those who haven’t been waxed in a while. This service does also include a Brazilian wax home kit that retails for $40. The Brazilian wax kit includes our best selling Personal cleansing bar, ouch balm and calm serum!
$115 · 45 min
First Time Male Brazilian
First time male Brazilian wax service. This service does include a Brazilian wax kit valued at $40. The Brazilian kit includes Personal Cleansing Bar, ouch balm and calm serum.
$125 · 45 min
Take it all off the front and back. Remove as much or as little as you would like including the labia and between the cheeks. Dare to go bare or leave a strip or triangle. This service is for females.
$75 · 30 min
Male Brazilian
Take it all off the front and back. Remove as much or as little as you would like including the shaft, balls and between the cheeks. Dare to go bare or leave a strip or triangle. This service is for male clients.
$85 · 45 min
Illuminating Treatment 1
One illuminating Underarm/bikini treatment. This does require the illuminating kit to be purchased within the last 3 months. Please know this treatment does require at least 6 treatments, every two weeks and home care for best results.
$50 · 45 min
Illuminating Treatment Addon
Illuminating treatment addon to Brazilian wax. This does require the home kit purchase and 6-12 treatments every 2 weeks.
$30 · 30 min
Illuminating Treatment 6
Illuminating treatment for Underarm or bikini area. This does not go into labia or anus area. We treat the mound, crease of the leg, outer labia and outer edge of crack. At home Kit included with enzyme scrub, serum and personal cleansing bar. 6 treatments done 2 weeks apart for 12 weeks total. $358 total but with package you save 10%.
$358 $322.20 · 6 sessions
3 Female Brazilian Waxes
Package of 3 Brazilian waxes. Normal cost of $225 when bought in package of 3 you get 15% off!
$225 $202.50 · 3 sessions
3 Male Brazilian Waxes
Package of 3 male Brazilian waxes. Normal cost of $255 in package of 3 with 15% off!
$255 $229.50 · 3 sessions
Bikini Full
Remove as much hair as you want off the front.
$60 · 30 min
Male Bikini Full
Remove as little or as much hair from the mound, shaft and testiculs. This is all of the front. If you want the crack done please book Male Brazilian.
$70 · 30 min
Bikini Line
Remove hair from the sides of the bikini into the panty crease.
$35 · 15 min
Lower Stomach Addon
Add on to Brazilian wax to do the lower stomach from bellybutton down.
$25 · TBD
Inner Thigh Add On Only
Add on of inner thigh to any bikini or Brazilian wax.
$25 $22.50 · TBD
Ingrown Addon
Ingrown treatment add on to any Brazilian wax. Requires the purchase of green cream within the last 3 months.
$10 · 15 min
Ingrown Stand Alone
$50 · 45 min
Under Arm
$25 · 15 min
3 Underarm Wax
$60 $54 · 3 sessions
Removing hair from just under the rib cage to the hip.
$40 · 15 min
Remove hair from between the cheeks.
$35 · 15 min
Remove all hair from the butt including the cheeks and in between.
$50 · 15 min
Brow Design
Eye brow design and brow tint. Great for brows needing a little help or reshaping. Also great for first time brow waxing.
$50 · 30 min
Express Brow Wax
Clean up of brows.
$25 · 15 min
Brow Tinting
$30 · 30 min
Express Brow, Lip, Chin
Brow wax, upper lip, lower lip and chin.
$35 · 15 min
Full Face
Full face waxing. Can include brows, lip, chin, cheeks, nose.
$55 · 30 min
Remove hair from upper lip and corners of mouth.
$10 · 10 min
Remove hair from the underside of chin up to bottom lip.
$15 · 10 min
Remove hair from just outside the crease of the lips to the ear including side burns if wanted.
$15 · 15 min
Side Burns
$15 · 15 min
$20 · 15 min
Remove the hair from just inside the tip of the nose.
$10 · 10 min
Remove hair from the shell of the ear as well as just inside the ear.
$10 · 10 min
From shoulder blade around top of shoulder and down to collarbone. Great addon to chest and back wax. If getting both chest and upper back it would be included.
$50 · 15 min
Full Arm
Remove hair from wrist to the shoulder.
$70 · 30 min
Half Arm
Remove hair from lower arm or upper arm. Lower arm is wrist to elbow. Upper arm is elbow to shoulder. Both include elbow being waxed.
$45 · 15 min
Hands And Fingers
Remove hair from the wrist to finger tips.
$20 · 15 min
Full Chest
Sternum to top of hip bone.
$70 · 30 min
Half Chest
Either from sternum to ribs or ribs to hip. Half chest.
$45 · 15 min
Full Back
$70 · 30 min
Half Back
$45 · 15 min
Full Leg
$110 · 1 hr
3 Full Leg Package
$330 $297 · 3 sessions
Half Leg
$60 · 30 min
Product Pickup
This is for those needing to pick up products from the store.
Free · 10 min