Therapeutic Massage
Integrated therapeutic massage sessions include a variety of techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, strain counterstrain, myofascial release, and others. This work results in relief from aches and pains, increased circulation, decreased stress levels, enhanced mental clarity, and greater flexibility.
Oncology Massage
Oncology Massage incorporates modifications and adjustments to traditional massage techniques in order to meet the unique and changing needs of someone in treatment for cancer or with a history of cancer. A safe massage therapy care plan generally revolves around the side effects (both short- and long-term) of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) stimulates the flow of lymph fluid to align the lymphatic system with the natural rhythm of the body boosting your immunity. Additionally a primary form of care for managing and preventing chronic secondary lymphedema due to cancer related surgeries and treatments.
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Gift Certificates
Massage makes a wonderful gift. Gift. Gift certificates available for therapeutic and prenatal sessions as well as oncology and lymphatic clients.