Lash Touch Up Two Weeks
$55 · 1 hr
Lash Touch Up Three Weeks
$80 · 1 hr
Lash Touch Up 4 Weeks
$105 · 1 hr
Lash Lift & Tint
$100 · 1 hr, 30 min
Lash Lift
Throw away your eyelash curler! Your will love the look of your lash lift! Your lash lift will typically last about four weeks.
$50 · 1 hr
Lash Removal
$40 · 1 hr
ProCell MicroChanneling will keep your skin looking and feeling younger by activating your body's natural regenerative ability to help tighten and lift skin, while minimizing many common skin problems.
$200 · 1 hr, 30 min
It is recommended that you have three treatments to achieve the desired results, so we offer a $100.00 savings on a package of (3). These will be spaced 2-4 weeks apart, depending on your skin type.
$500 · 1 hr, 30 min
CBD Infusion Treatment
This non-invasive treatment is holistically beneficial for all skin types. Using Nano-Needling technology, this powerful anti-oxident has natural anti-inflammatory benefits which when penetrated into the skin results in clearer, smoother complexion.
$99 · 45 min
Give yourself the royal treatment with a 24K Gold Facial. Gold is one of the softest metals known to man and is easily absorbed into the skin. As an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent, gold can help to draw toxins and impurities out of the skin making you look more youthful and radiant.
$125 · 1 hr, 15 min
Relaxing European Facial
This facial is not only good for your skin, but it is also good for your entire body. You will forget the stress of your day while enjoying a wonderful face, scalp, hand, arm and foot massage while improving the health of your skin at the same time.
$100 · 1 hr, 15 min
Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion is a facial procedure that uses manual exfoliation to remove the outer layer of skin. We use a diamond tipped wand to gently abrade the surface of your skin.
$80 · 50 min
DermaSound Facial
DermaSound helps stimulate and promote collagen and elastin production for more youthful skin. It also helps with hydration. This treatment does not use suction so it is ideal for sensitive skin and those with rosacea.
$70 · 1 hr
Micro-European Facial
$150 · 1 hr, 45 min
Therapeutic Facial
A therapeutic facial is excellent for hydrating a dull complexion, while smoothing out uneven pigmentation. After your facial you will notice a reduction in large pores, a boost in elastin and collagen, and a complexion that is clean and clear.
$80 · 50 min
Aroma Therapy Facial
Aromatherapy facials involve the abundant use of essential oils and other aromatic products. They soothe your senses and your nerves. You will feel relaxed like never before.
$75 · 1 hr
Dermaplane With Lactic Acid Peel
After the removal of the fine (peach fuzz) and complete exfoliation of the skin, lactic acid is applied to the skin. You will immediately notice a nice tightening of the skin and everyone will notice your beautiful glow!
$90 · 50 min
Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 Guage scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling skin cells and soft vellus hair (peach fuzz). Sounds scary right? It really isn't, as long as you are in the right hands. Licensed Medical Aesthetician Tammy Laughy, has been performing this procedure for 15 years. This procedure can also be followed by a light chemical Peel for skin tightening.
$70 · 50 min
Therapeutic Face Massage
This treatment is customized to treat several conditions to include: Bells Palsy muscle stimulation, TMJ, and Tension Headaches.
$50 · 1 hr
Mini Facial
After a deep cleansing your skin will be prepped for extractions and followed by the proper skincare product for your skin condition. (This is a 30 minute facial but booked into an hour appointment slot to discuss your particular skin concerns).
$50 · 1 hr
Lactic Acid Add On
Add on Lactic Acid to any facial treatment.
$20 · 15 min
Extraction Add On
$20 · 30 min
Add On Dermaplaning
This is combined with any facial.
$30 · 30 min
Add On Foot Massage
Add on a relaxing foot massage to any facial treatment.
$20 · 20 min
"I've Got Your Back" Facial
Package price: (3) for $150.00
Full back facial to include deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions if needed, followed by appropriate mask for your particular skin condition.
$65 · 1 hr
Chemical Peel
All chemical peels require a consultation. The correct peel for your skin type will be selected and price will be discussed prior to your appointment.
Price TBD · 1 hr
Brows $15.00
Lip $10.00
Chin $15.00
Cheeks $30.00
Full Face $60.00
Bikini $45.00
Brazilian $60.00
*Please ask for quote for all other areas.
Price TBD · 1 hr
Brow Tint
$15 · 1 hr
If you have questions about any of our services or skincare products I will be happy to meet with you personally!
Free · 30 min
Price TBD · 1 hr
You can make deposits to your account for any service.
$100 · 10 min