Psychotherapy Session
Talk therapy and relationship counseling for one or more people, 50 minutes
$160 · 50 min
Counseling for residents of California via live video
$160 · 50 min
Coffee Hour
Complimentary coffee hour for therapists and friends. Tuesdays, 2-3pm
Price TBD · drop-in class
Bipolar Therapy Group
Process oriented group therapy and support for those with mood disorders, including caregivers & friends. Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm. $45 a session.
$45 · drop-in class
Wellness Workshop
This gift certificate for a wellness workshop includes ecotherapy, mindfulness training and an Integral Life Plan.

Connect with our holistic health providers and start crafting your own integral life practices. Meet us weekly on Saturdays at Glen Park BART by 2pm to walk on the Greenway trail to the park, or by 2:15pm at the picnic tables at Glen Canyon Park Recreation Center. We journey through the eucalyptus and cedar until 3:15, looping back to regroup and debrief.
$60 . gift certificate