Free Phone Consultation
You're invited to schedule a time to chat, to see if we'd make a good client and therapist match. Ask for Steven, Matthew or Tupi.
Price TBD · 20 min
Bipolar Therapy Group
Support for people with Bipolar & other mood disorders and their caregivers
$45 · drop-in class
Individual Session
Psychotherapy for one person, 50 minutes
$140 · 1 hr
Couples Session
Counseling for partners of any sort, 75 minutes
$140 · 1 hr, 30 min
Family/Group Session
Counseling for three or more people, 75 minutes
$140 · 1 hr, 30 min
Video Session
Counseling for residents of California via live video, 50 minutes
$140 · 1 hr
Couples 4 Session Package
Prepaid package of four couples counseling sessions. A $60 discount.
$500 · 4 sessions
Wellness Training
Subscribe for access to a variety of online courses on improving your well-being.
$9.95 · due every month