Behavioral Consultation
This professional, 30 minute consultation ,is designed to accomplish 3 goals.
1. For you to meet a trainer at SDS and ask them any questions you might have.
2. For you to come in and SDS during a typical live school day.
3. For our trainer to interact with your dog to create a customized approach in order for you to reach your goals in a realistic amount of time.

This consultation fee of $149 will be applied towards any program if one is chosen.😎🐾
$149 · 30 min
Smart Way Freedom
Our Smart Way Freedom Program provides you with the opportunity to enroll your best friend into one of the highest rated Dog Schools in the area.
We will introduce your dog to our 3 core behavioral concepts.
Walking mannerly on a leash. (Restraint)
Come back when called. (Recall)
Calm on Command. (Relax)
Included is you Basics Book, Training Collar (Prong), and Custom SDS Place Board. ($125 Value)
Enrollment Fee - $1,250
$1,250 · 1 week
In our Smart Way Unleashed program our trainers will exceed your expectations by working your pet around multiple outdoor and public distractions to ensure your pets ability to relax in any given environment. Additionally, in the evenings, they maintain their training in various family situations with other balanced family pets.🐾
14 Day Program
Included is you Basics Book, Training Collar (Prong), Custom SDS Place Board, and a Smart Dog School Remote Collar ($330 Value)
Enrollment Fee - $1,999
$1,999 · 2 weeks
Smart Way Reset
Our 4 Week Boot Camp (Reset) is designed to provide a complete rehabilitation for your furry friend. This program will address issues from anxiety to aggression.
Let the professionals at Smart Dog School “Reset” your Best Friend. 😎
Included is you Basics Book, Training Collar (Prong), Custom SDS Place Board and a Smart Dog School Remote Collar ($330Value)
Enrollment Fee - $3,500
$3,500 · 4 weeks
Smart Puppy Training Class
Everyone Loves Puppies!!
Come join us for our Smart Puppy Training Class!!
You and your new puppy will learn how to bridge the human canine language barrier by teaming up with our professionals at Smart Dog School.
This class is every Thursday at 7pm starting July 18th for 6 weeks.
Limited to only 6 students.
$299 · series class
Smart Way Boarding
Our Smart Boarding was designed exclusively for SDS graduates ONLY. Your pooch will be reintroduced to our custom training cycle for quick refresher course while your away.
Our client dogs will be boarded at our trainers homes and enjoy the exact same treatment that our “Demo Dogs” enjoy on a daily basis. 😎
$59 · TBD
Smart Way Triple Play
At Smart Dog School we totally understand the “Sit” doesn’t always mean “Sit” in the mind of a canine. Our pets are ridiculously contextual. When we teach pets how to behave in a distraction free setting, we must then change it up and teach them in my multiple contexts. This is why we have chosen to offer this Smart Way Triple Play. 2 Full Days of Training at Smart Dog School.
2 Private Lessons at Smart Dog School.
2 Private Lessons anywhere you’d like.
All of this for only $799!!
$799 · 1 hr
Roxy 4 Day Program
Free · TBD
LC/Ruby/Della's Program
$6,000 · Aug 1st - Aug 30th
Private Lesson @ SDS
Work with one of our experienced trainers on any of the dozens of behavioral and/or training challenges that our dogs present on a daily basis. This is your time to fix problem behaviors and develop new acceptable ones. Our trainers will not only show you how your dog’s behaviors can transform in front of your eyes, but more importantly, they will show you how to get the same results in your day to day life.
Free · 1 hr