NO Touch LED Treatment
No touch LED comes with social distancing included. This service is a self serve easy to do complete with big results. See our blog post for more details. You will be sent a special questionnaire and consent form. Discounted packages for multiple visits.
$50 · 1 hr
No Touch LED 3 Visits
3 self serve LED treatments in studio
$105 · 3 sessions
No Touch LED 6 Visits
6 self serve LED treatments in studio
$150 · 6 sessions
Virtual Facial W/ Your Bathroom Products
Stuck at home? Skin responding to stress in a bad way? Don’t worry we can work on it together. Pull all your products out, set up your smart phone and let’s figure it out.

Liz will walk you thru an at home treatment to improve your skin and your mood. This call takes 20-30 minutes
$20 · 1 hr
Virtual Facial - Pick Up Samples
Stuck at home? Our skin is usually the first place to show stress. Not to worry! Schedule a virtual facial. Come by the studio for a drive up pickup of product and head home to your own bathroom. Get your smart phone out and let’s figure it out together. Great for all ages including kids. This call takes 20-30 minutes.
$25 · 1 hr